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Florida Sentinel Bulletin Release
Friday, April 22, 2022

Vitiligo Awareness

Blood Donation

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

It is a myth that individuals with Vitiligo are not allowed to donate blood. Vitiligo

is not a communicable disease nor does it transmit via blood or other body fluids. It

is an auto-immune disease where the skin loses color characterized by white

patches. The benefits of donating blood, one blood donation can save as many as three

lives, and someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds. Donating blood

has benefits for your emotional and physical health. Donating blood can also lower

the risk of heart disease. According to report by the Mental Health Foundation, helping others can:

Reduce Stress

Improve your emotional well-being

Benefit your physical health

Help get rid of negative feelings

Provides a sense of belonging and reduce isolation

So let's get out and donate blood. To donate blood contact your local Red Cross office.

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