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Getting Involved

Help us find a cure for Vitiligo!


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Advocating for Patient-Centered, Data-Driven Policy

Helps drive more effective government policies by elevating the voice of the vitiligo community.

Finding Support Through Advocacy Organizations

Patient advocacy organizations play a virtual role in helping people with vitiligo live their best and fullest lives. We can help you find one or even start your own.

Each year in April, BUVSG members participate with The Coalition of Skin Diseases to advocate on Capitol Hill Day in Washington, DC, to further train and equip advocates to meet with their Members of Congress.  

In September of each year, BUVSG members participate in Congressional Meetings with dermatologists at the American Academy  of Dermatology Association (AADA) Capitol Hill Day with key Committee  Members in the House and Senate to support various policy efforts.


Unite for Vitiligo:

A Call to Mobilize Public Support for Vitiligo

Through awareness campaigns, celebrity engagement, and online and social marketing, we work to make a call to mobilize public support to help find a cure and end the social stigma associated with vitiligo.


Get Local Support

Why connect Beautifully Unblemished?
Each location offers events and resources unique to their community.
Get local!

Find Help & Support:
Connect with on-the-ground experts to learn more about local services,
programs, and resources.

Get Involved Locally:
The local community is the driving force behind progress. Join hundreds
of volunteers, advocates, people living with vitiligo, caregivers,
healthcare providers, researchers and donors all making a difference in
the fight against vitiligo.

Attend Local Events:
Join your community by participating in local events including walks,
support groups and education programs.

Join our Vitiligo Community


Vitiligo Warriors

Vitiligo Warrior is a living collection of personal stories that tell the serious and devastating health effects of vitiligo, while providing hope and inspiration for all vitiligo warriors fighting this cruel disease. If you have vitiligo or have been touched by this disease and would like to share your story, please do so here.


Need help on what to write? Consider the questions below as you think of what you want to share.

  • How long did it take to get a vitiligo diagnosis and what were your initial symptoms?

  • What are your current symptoms and what would you like others to know about vitiligo?

  • How has vitiligo impacted your daily life and future?

  • What has helped you manage vitiligo and have you engaged with any Beautifully Unblemished Vitiligo Support Group resources or programs?

  • What gives you hope?


Tell Your Story

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Living With Vitiligo

Meet our member spotlight where vitiligo journeys are shared.
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